STEMM Idol Speaker Series

All students are invited Tuesday, Feb. 3 as Hilary Feskanin visits from the University of Dayton. Ms. Feskanin is a senior mechanical engineering major at the University, and has already dipped her toes into the field through a number of co-ps. 

She spent two semesters co-oping in the prosthetics industry, where she fitted patients for lower limb prostheses, made component corrections and repairs, and researched prosthetic components to justify billing codes. She was also part of a team to develop the first ever handheld x-ray scanner for security technology, which allows authorities to scan small spaces or bags at sporting events more easily.

In high school, Ms. Feskanin ran cross country. As an athlete, she watched and experienced many injuries impede training. This inspired her to go into a field where she can study and prevent injuries. One of her goals is to prevent running injuries by studying shoe design, since shoes are the only ‘padding’ worn by a runner.

She is currently pursuing an honors thesis studying the effects of multiple orthotic postings on the midfoot. This sort of research into orthotics will help clinicians prescribe the correct orthotic device, justify financial reimbursement for these treatments, and assist in preventing lower limb conditions.

Come meet Ms. Feskanin present on engineering and her experiences in the field this Tuesday!

Are you interested in becoming a CJ STEMM Idol Speaker Series presenter? Contact Meg Draeger, CJ STEMM coordinator, at (937) 461-3740 x487, or at