Student Artists Take the Stage

Student Art Showcased at the 2020 Miami Regional Scholastics Art Awards Exhibition

- Receiving awards at the exhibition are Myi Ferris '22,  Raymarah Watson-Cunninghma '20, and Chloé Proffitt '21.

A field of 1,500 entries of works of art created from students from across the Dayton region was narrowed down to 400 top works. Those pieces and their creator artists were celebrated and showcased at the Miami Valley Regional Scholastics Art Awards Exhibit held on February 29, hosted at K12 Gallery & TEJAS.

The event was held in conjunction with the national Scholastic Art & Writing Awards, established in 1923. Artists earned Honorable Mention, Silver Key and Gold Key Awards. Entries winning Gold Key Awards will be sent digitally to New York City to compete for national awards. Among the finalists will be “Marianne Feidler - a Kathe Kollwitz”, a painting created by CJ senior Raymarah Watson-Cunningham. Twenty-one other CJ students were awarded a Silver Key or Honorable Mention Award.

Since 2014, CJ has enjoyed a growing partnership with the gallery, which includes many benefits for students.

“Through this partnership, students are exposed to more types of art than what is possible in a typical high school art classroom,” said Steve Fuchs, assistant principal. “A great example is hot glass blowing.”

While art students take a part of their classes on campus, the proximity of K12 Gallery TEJAS allows students to take another portion of their classes in a real art gallery alongside practicing experts in their field.

“In addition to working with these experts in a studio, students have the opportunity to participate in projects throughout the Dayton community and take courses through the summer,” said Fuchs.

Eric Hall, resident artist at K12 Gallery TEJAS — and art teacher at CJ, promotes the value of art education.

“I firmly believe the arts in education is pivotal for the basic growth of the creative mind. A young student learning to express themselves at a time when they are just discovering who they are, and what they represent, is very much a catalyst for future success,” he said.

“Through my experience, I've discovered that my students are more willing to share their personal experiences because there is a sense of trust in regards to sharing expressive feelings in art. There is an artistic connection that students may not have a chance to experience through other curriculum alone. That's what makes the arts at CJ special.

“I am very proud of the students who participated in this year's 2020 scholastic competition. It always puts a smile on my face to see the pride my students take in their work. As an educator, getting to see the direct success of a student's hard work really inspires me and, in doing so, affects other students, allowing the process to come full circle.”

Congratulations to our 22 CJ students award winners:

Gold Key Award: Raymarah Watson-Cunningham; Silver Key Award: Myi Ferris ‘22, Michael Gruhot ‘21, Cooper Mullins ‘20, Chloé Proffitt ‘21 (two awards) and Christopher Rau 21; Honorable Mention Award: Ashley Alanis ‘21, Libby Blackshire ‘20, Crystal Cardenas ‘22, Isaac Castillo ‘23 (two awards), Natalie Gaier ‘21, Lyle Gross ‘21, Aharron Harris ‘23, Sophie Haws ‘20, Cooper Mullins ‘20, Adam Noble ‘22, Ashton Passmore ‘21, Kara Roberts ‘22, Sonia Rodriguez ‘20, Sammy Schwager ‘20, Modeste Turner ‘23, and Bethany Wilson ‘20.