Students Attend Mass, Visit Sites in Spain

CJ Spanish class students experienced a trip they'll never forget as they spent more than a week in Spain recently.

The students saw sites in several cities including Barcelona, Zaragoza, Madrid and Toledo. While in Barcelona, students participated in Mass in the crypt of La Sagrada Familia (the Church of the Holy Family.)

"The Mass at La Sagrada Familia was awesome because the priest was so wonderful and inclusive," said Sra. Peg Regan. "Taylor Burrows did a reading and Kate Quinttus and Ellie Cronin did petitions. Afterwards,  the priest had us come up to the front and gave us a special blessing."

While in Madrid, the group visited with fellow Marianist students from Colegio Santa Ana y San Rafael.The weather was not ideal during the visit, but Sra. Regan said that did not stop students from playing soccer with their Spanish pen pals.

The next stop for students was Zaragoza, where the group saw the statue of Our Lady of Pilar. It was that statue where Father Chaminade was inspired to start the Society of Mary.

Students also went to the former Spanish capital of Toledo. Students were told how Muslims, Jews and Christians used to peacefully coexist in this city and all three cultures can be identified in Toledo's St. Mary's Synagogue.

Sra. Regan said the trip overall was a great success and she is already looking forward to bringing students back to Spain next year.