Students Attend Path to Health Professions Day

Students took charge of their futures by spending a day off school at the Path to Health Professions Day hosted by Wright State University earlier this month.

Sophomores Adam Noble, Gavin Porras, and Grace Strickland all said they chose to attend this opportunity because they are interested in potential careers in the medical field.

“The day was broken into multiple sessions,” Porras explained. “During each session we listened to a presentation about various topics.”

“I chose activities like sports medicine, medical laboratory sciences and pharmacology,” Noble said. “It was really cool, especially the medical laboratory sciences.”

Strickland agreed, “The medical laboratory sciences was my favorite too. I wanted to attend this day to explore more about the medical field and see what options were out there.”

“The woman who was speaking seemed really excited about the topic,” Noble continued. “She taught about bacteria streaking and things that happen in a lab.”

Porras added, “It was interesting to learn about what goes on behind the scenes and what you don’t always see.”

All three said they would advocate this opportunity to any other student wishing to learn more about medical careers.

“I would definitely recommend it especially for others not sure what they would want to do,” Strickland shared. “There were so many different topics so it definitely was a good day.”

Posted February 25, 2020