Students Direct One Act Plays

our students are taking a step off the stage to direct instead, as CJ Performing Arts hosts its first A Night of One Acts on Saturday, April 25.

Seniors Julianne Evans, Catherine Grady, and Addi Helms, and sophomore Jacob Troutwine were chosen to be the inaugural directors of the production. The directors and cast have had one month to prepare for the show.

"We found that the timing was right with where the musical was this year to add another show to the season," said drama teacher Caitlin Cronin Bennett.

Some of the plays have comical themes while others have a more dramatic story line. Director Jacob Troutwine's play, The Happy Journey by Thornton Wilder, looks at one woman's struggle and acceptance after a family tragedy.

"It has more reflection on one character in particular and exploiting their life's journey.  It's interesting to see that dynamic grow," said Troutwine.

Bennett said having the students direct their peers has given everyone involved some new perspective.

"Peer leadership was key in this process," she shared. "Being able to express ideas, in this case creative ones, will serve them very well in the future."

Troutwine agreed with that sentiment. "I think it has a lot of practical applications in life. It definitely gives you different insight so you're able to work with people and understand them more."

Bennett said she hopes student one acts will become an annual event and she is proud of the work accomplished by the cast and directors.  "It has been amazing to watch! The directors have done a wonderful job being leaders of their peers."

For those who have any interest in performing arts next year, Troutwine offered this advice, "I think everyone should try it because even if you feel it's not for you, it could help you with the skill of speaking and interacting with others and understanding story lines."

What you need to know to attend A Night of One Acts

When: Saturday, April 25 at 7 p.m.

Where: CJ Auditorium

Cost: $5 admission for adults and students