Students Earn Artistic Honors

Congratulations are in order for three students who were earned awards through the Scholastic Art Awards!

With works of digital art, Adzaan Muqtadir '16 earned 2 Gold Keys and 3 Honorable Mentions in the Scholastic Art Competition. Her Gold Key works are titled "Summertime Memories: Going Around and Around" and "Taking in Cosmos." Her Honorable Mention works include "Dayton in Color," "A Day Downtown" and "Blue Day." 

“Adzaan has a style all her own,” Diane Barr, art teacher said. “I’m impressed with what she creates, and I’m glad to know others are as well!” 

“I started learning and experimenting with digital art since I took photography class first semester.” Muqtadir said. “I already liked taking photos in my free time for fun, but with the class I learned how to really tweak my photos with editing processes through PhotoShop. As we learned a wide variety of different techniques, I discovered more and more possibilities of transforming my photos into my own works of art.”

Diane Barr encouraged Muqtadir to submit some of her work into the Scholastic Art competition, Muqtidir said. As a result, three edits of shots of downtown Dayton were awarded Honorable mention, and an edit of an amusement park ride and a silhouetted figure were awarded the Gold Key award.

A Gold Key is awarded to the best works submitted to a region, and are automatically considered for national-level recognition, results which will be announced on March 16. Honorable mention is awarded to pieces that show great skill and potential. K12 Gallery and TEJAS will exibit the award-winning work mid-February.

Megan Schultz '18 earned two Honorable Mentions for her photos "Chorus of Clouds" and "All You Need is Clay." Audrey Springman '16 earned one Honorable Mention for her ceramics and glass piece "Butterflies in my Stomach."

Miami Valley area students sent in 1,200 submissions this school year. Out of this amount, there were 75 Gold Keys and 155 Honorable Mention awards.

The Scholastic Art and Writing awards have been around for 90 years, and are considered the nation’s most prestigious recognition initiative for young artists and writers. The Alliance for Young Artists and Writers is behind the program, and is a nonprofit organization with a mission to “identify students with exceptional artistic and literary talent and present their remarkable work to the world through the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards.”

According to the Scholastic Art and Writing website, students across America submitted 255,000 original art and writing works during the 2014 school year. Keep an ear out in late February for the writing results!