Students Expand Leadership Skills in Boston

Expanding already instilled leadership skills was a common theme for many of the students who attended the Sisters of Notre Dame Student Leadership Conference at the end of June. Eight rising juniors and seniors attended the conference with students from other Notre Dame schools around the world.

“I wanted to attend the conference because it was in Boston and I had never been there before,” said Kaitlin Stewart ‘20. “Also, because it would allow me to strengthen my leadership skills and figure out how I can be more of a leader in our CJ community. Lastly, I had the chance to meet people from all around the country and world that all had the same common interest, leadership.”

Max Cross ‘21 agreed, “I wanted to go to the conference because I saw it as an opportunity to expand my leadership skills so I can become a better leader but also so I can pass those skills on to other people and allow them to become great leaders themselves. I also wanted to go because it gave me the chance to learn more about St. Julie, the foundress of the Sisters, and the good work that they have done for so many people around the world.”

During their time at the conference, students immersed themselves into a better understanding of topics including social justice outreach, communication, and leadership styles.

“I learned my leadership type through an activity called leadership mosaics,” shared Claire Leingang ‘21. “In this activity, every student took a short test to determine which of the four leadership groups they belonged to. The four groups were blue, green, gold, and orange. This activity emphasized the importance of having a variety of people present in any group. For example, if a group was made entirely of orange leaders, who are characterized as impulsive, outgoing, adventurous, and bold, the group would be unable to focus and stay on task!”

The students also gained a deeper understanding of the mission of the Sisters.

“One thing I hope to bring back and to share with the CJ community is all that I have learned about being a leader and what it means,” said Cross. “I want to continue sharing ideas that reflect what the Sisters have taught for so many years. We are all different and have unique talents, but if we use our talents that God has given us together we can create our footprint of service in this world.”

“I hope to bring back a stronger Notre Dame spirit to CJ and a greater awareness of the mission and work that the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur are doing worldwide,” added Leingang.

Stewart said, “What I hope to bring back to the CJ community is that we all need to work with each other and take the initiative as students to help be that leader who steps up in our community.”

Posted July 11, 2019