Students Experience Service Leaders Exchange Day

Sophomores and juniors spent Tuesday, September 24, at the University of Cincinnati sharing ideas with other high school leaders dedicated to service learning.

“I was interested in attending the Student Service Leaders Exchange to find more ways and organizations that I can help,” said Anna Nevius ‘22.

Mikayala Jette ‘21 agreed, “I wanted to go to the Student Service Leaders Exchange because I wanted to learn more about ways to serve my community and be a leader for my peers through this service.”

During the Student Service Leaders Exchange, the students participated in small and large group activities, as well as hearing from local service leaders.

“I learned about the diversity of people, thoughts, and actions,” shared Grace Schaefer ‘22. “I was able to interact with other students from different backgrounds who contributed different perspectives to conversations, which was a very unique experience.”

“Something that really stood out for me was the organization Project Connect,” said AJ Solomon ‘21. “They help serve and give better opportunities to less fortunate kids to get a better education and graduate high school. We watched a video about what they do, and it really made me understand that I shouldn't ever take my situation for granted.”

When reflecting on the educational day experience, Chi Ejinaka ‘21 said, “I think people should know that this experience allows students to discover so many areas in society that need help from the next generation, and it allows kids to get connected to several service agencies in Ohio that are working to better our world. Plus, it offers ways for students to bring back certain activities to their school and teach their classmates about some troubles in society and how to help change that.”

Claire Leingang '21 agreed, "The Student Service Leaders Exchange is an amazing opportunity to learn all about several different issue areas that you are passionate about! It is a great place to foster new ideas and take back what you learned and came up with to CJ!"

Posted September 26, 2019