Students Perform the National Anthem Before Home Basketball Games

This year, the men's and women's Eagle basketball games not only have great athletes on the court, but student singers are getting a moment to shine while performing the National Anthem.

Previously, an instrumental recording of the "Star Spangled Banner" played before each game.

"A student asked me if they could sing for a basketball game," drama and choir teacher Caitlin Bennett explained. "I spoke with Acting Athletic Director, Jason Unger, and he agreed that this was a good opportunity."

CJ a cappella groups, Vega and Phoenix, have performed the Star Spangled Banner as ensembles and individual members from those groups have also performed separately. Additionally, several students who are not affiliated with a performing arts group have showcased their talents by singing the National Anthem.

"I have always liked to sing," shared Maddy Schwab '16, who performed the "Star Spangled Banner" before the women's basketball game on Wednesday, January 13. "This was another opportunity to share my gifts and talents with the CJ community. Also, I always get excited about opportunities like this because it helps me grow as a performer."

Bennett added, "We wanted to give students another performance opportunity, especially for the soloists. A lot of the singers aren't in the musical or may not participate in the talent show, so this is a great opportunity."

Unger agreed, "It's amazing anytime you can combine groups from different areas, especially athletics and performing arts. It is also great for our students, parents and fans to see our students performing."

Auditions to sing the National Anthem were held before the basketball season began. Bennett noted that this student opportunity is something she would like to continue for years to come.