Students Recognized for Scholastic Art Awards

13 art students recently received high honors from The Scholastic Art & Writing Awards, one of the country’s most prestigious recognition programs for creative teens.

Calvin Hatcher ‘20 and Mia Tillar ‘20 were awarded Silver Keys for their ceramics and digital art, respectively.

“I feel very surprised and honored to be a scholastic art winner,” Hatcher said. “From this experience, I can see great things come even when you do not expect them.”

The 11 additional winners received honorable mentions for their work in drawing, ceramics, painting, and mixed media.

“I feel honored — I'm lucky to represent CJ and have my piece selected,” Katie Coyle ‘19 shared.

Alex Yunger ‘21 agreed, “I feel honored to be a scholastic winner. I am really not the ‘artistic’ type so I was really happy/shocked when I was notified.”

The students credited their teachers, Eric Hall and Jordan Wilson, for their success. Both teachers work with students as part of the school’s partnership with K12 & TEJAS Gallery.

“It feels great being named a scholastic art winner,” Jazmyn Potts ‘20 said. “It was something that I didn’t think was possible. But, with the help of my photography teacher (Ms. Wilson) I can now take amazing pictures.”

“Mr. Hall has been a huge help and inspired me in my art,” noted Elizabeth Murray ‘20.

“I am so blessed to be able to be apart of the K12 AP Art Program in partnership with CJ,” Haley Kraft ‘19 shared. “There are so many opportunities that are available to me because of it. I have access to many types of quality art supplies and so much more. Without being apart of this class, I certainly would not be able to do what I do now.”

Students recognized in the Scholastic Art Awards were:
Silver Key Winners:

  • Calvin Hatcher ‘20: Intro to Ceramics, Vase
  • Mia Tillar ‘20: Art 3, Digital Art

Honorable Mentions:

  • Jason Baldwin ‘21: Art 1, Drawing and Illustration
  • Katie Coyle ‘19: Intro to Ceramics, Sculpture
  • Christina Fortener ‘19: Intro to Ceramics, Vase
  • Staci Green ‘20: Intro to Ceramics, Vase
  • Sophie Haws ‘20: Intro to Ceramics, Vase
  • Madeline Hofstetter ‘20: Art 2, Painting
  • Madeline Hofstetter: Art 3, Mixed Media
  • Hayley Kraft ‘19: AP, Painting
  • Reagan Meyer ‘21: Intro to Ceramics, Vase
  • Elizabeth Murray ‘20: Intro to Ceramics, Vase
  • Jazmyn Potts ‘20: Photography, Portrait
  • Alex Yunger ‘21: Intro to Ceramics, Jug

Students not pictured above: Christina Fortener, Calvin Hatcher, Elizabeth Murray, and Jazmyn Potts.

 Coyle's vase


 Fortener's vase


 Greene's vase


Hatcher's vase


Meyer's vase


Murray's vase


Yunger's vase

Posted February 6, 2019