Students Serve Others in Taos, New Mexico

While students only spent five days in Taos, New Mexico, they brought home a lifetime worth of memories.

11 students traveled to Taos as part of a service mission trip the week of June 11. During their time there, the students not only volunteered, but learned more about the history and people of Taos. They also spent a lot of time outdoors, including taking several hikes.

“New Mexico feels like a different world, and the hike we took only made me more excited for this trip,” said Josie Forsthoff ‘19.

Avery Meyer ‘19 agreed, “We drove for a few hours and the scenery is so so beautiful. It’s like nothing any of us have ever seen! All around us is the desert, mountains, and adobe houses.”

Students spent part of their trip volunteering on Red Willow Farms (a non-profit farm) and with the students in Taos Pueblo.

“I had so much fun playing and interacting with the children at the Taos Day School,” shared Gabby Cambron ‘19.

“At Red Willow Farms, we were split into three groups and spent time weeding, harvesting, and planting,” said Nica Stephens ‘19. “It was really an eye opening experience. The people we worked with were so grateful that we were giving our time to help them.”

Katie Bardine ‘19 reflected, “It was fun to learn more about their culture and we are very appreciative of them sharing it with us.”

The students also had some community building time during their mission trip, which included trips to a gorge and river in addition to a hatchet throwing competition.

“Everyone was able to throw five hatchets, and most people missed,” explained Josh Kinnear ‘19. “A student from another mission trip group threw four out of five of the hatchets into the target. Our very own Nica, though, did the unthinkable and got every single hatchet into the target.”

The group experienced the Pueblo culture first-hand by seeing a native corn dance and meeting artist Larry Torres.

“We saw festivities for St. Anthony’s feast day in the Taos Pueblo,” Ryann Rippey ‘20 said. “Later on we got to visit and learn about the house and life of Larry Torres, a very eclectic deacon.”

Griffin Ferdelman ‘19 agreed, “His house was full of paintings and things that had many meanings which he explained to us. Today was an eye opening experience for me.”

On their last day of the trip, the students had the choice to be with the Taos students or return to Red Willow Farms.

“I chose to go to the Taos Day School because I love the kids there,” Paige Tincu ‘19 said. “I had such a great morning helping the kids. We went to the library with them to pick out books to read. I helped the kids read the books and it was one of my favorite things from this week!”

“I chose to go to the Red Willow Farm because I love the people who work there,” Kelsey Dickey ‘20 shared. “We weeded, dug a lot of dirt, and planted a lot. We had so much fun, and it felt really good to help those who work there.”

Lanie Sorg ‘20 concluded, “This was a great mission trip and I can’t wait to look back on these memories.”

Posted June 19, 2018