Students Share Thanks at Scholarship Breakfast

Students shared their thanks to supporters at they came together on Friday, November 17 for the Annual Scholarship Breakfast.

"It  was strategically scheduled for the Thanksgiving season because our students are so thankful for the generosity of the scholarship donors. It just makes sense!," shared Ann Szabo '72, Alumni Relations Coordinator.

Around 100 CJ students and supporters, many of whom were alumni, came to the breakfast to learn more about each other. That included Maddie Strickland '19 and Mike Raiff '79. 

Strickland, who attended St. Brigid Elementary School, said she wanted to attend CJ and having a scholarship helped make that possible.

"It definitely helps out a lot and I appreciate it," Strickland shared.

Raiff's father, Jerry '55, established a scholarship for students  who are community builders, committed to service and demonstrate school spirit. Jerry passed away earlier this year, and it was Mike's first time attending the scholarship breakfast.

"I know that's what my father always wanted," Mike said. "Aside from taking care of his family, CJ was always number one - it was his love and passion."

"We've learned that the donors are so happy to meet the students who are benefiting from their generosity and learn all about them," Szabo reflected. "It confirms their financial decision to support their scholarships and gives the students an opportunity to see that 'real' people are supporting their education here at CJ. While some of our donors are alums, there are many who are not and the breakfast gives them a chance to be in the school and see all the great things going on here!."

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Posted November 22, 2017