Students Spend Weekend at LIFE Summit

Earlier this month, students spent part of their weekend engaging with students from other Marianist high schools for a Marianist LIFE Summit. For some of the students, it was an opportunity to reconnect with others they met over the summer during Marianist Summer LIFE week.

“I wanted to attend the Summit because I loved LIFE week and I wanted to almost relive some of it again,” shared Maria Weizman ‘20. “I wanted to show others how much you grow from LIFE week, I wanted to get more ideas for our MLC group here at CJ, and I also wanted to see the people who I met at LIFE week again!”

“I expected the Summit to be a time to reconnect with other people from my LIFE week, learn about ways to better our CJ LIFE community and a time to strengthen our faith,” added Katie Bardine ‘19.

This was the first time a Summit was organized by Marianist LIFE. During the Summer LIFE Week, students focus on leadership development, social justice education, prayer, and fun. The Summit engaged students in those same concepts, just during a shorter time frame.

“I think one of my favorite moments at the retreat was when we all prayed and meditated as a group,” shared Carolyn Marshall ‘21. “It helped me feel relaxed and surrounded by good people.”

“I really enjoyed my small group because everyone was super easy to talk to,” said Allie Bardine ‘21. “I also enjoyed when we did a trivia night the first night.”

“One of my favorite moments was when I walked into the retreat center and I saw three of my closest friends from the Summer LIFE Week — I hadn't seen them since July,” reflected Katie. “It was so fun to see them and have us all hang out, but also grow in the faith.

“That is one very unique thing about the friendships made on LIFE Week and summits,” she continued. “These are friends who you can grow in your faith with, have meaningful conversations, and simply hang out and have ping pong tournaments with!”

Weizman added, “It is a great experience to learn more about how to benefit your community and a great opportunity to make new friends!”

“I wish that everybody in the school was able to experience the LIFE Summit,” Allie said. “It changed my mind about what MLC is like at CJ, and how different some of the same programs may be at different schools. I am so grateful that I took two days out of my winter break to grow closer to God and to also meet new people from other Marianist schools across Ohio!”

Marshall agreed, “This conference helped me, in a way, find what I want to do when I get older. It also helped me realize that God works in mysterious ways and is always there to give a helping hand. Have faith and you'll be on the right track.”

Posted January 14, 2019