Students, Teachers Travel to Spain and France

Paris, Barcelona, Madrid. These European destinations were just some of stops for students and adults when they visited France and Spain last month.

“My favorite part of the trip was visiting so many beautiful places with new people,” reflected Claire Evans ‘17. “I was able to create new and stronger relationships with my classmates and it was so fun to be with a new group of people to explore new countries with.”

Teachers Señora Peg Regan and Madame Michelle Mize led the trip to the overseas locations. Their first stop on the tour was Paris where the group took a walking tour of the city and visited the Louvre. The following day, the group visited the Joan of Arc Museum, the Cathedrale Sainte-Croix and traveled to Lourdes. From there, the group traveled to Barcelona.

“My favorite part of the trip was probably when we went to visit the La Sagrada Familia, a very famous church in Barcelona, Spain,” said Maria Osnaya ‘19. “The church is the most beautiful church ever built by the architect, Gaudi. That church is still under construction even after 500 years! The church has been designed by many different architects.”

Other landmarks the group visited in Spain included the Gothic Quarter, Montserrat, Picasso Museum, the Casa Mila, the Madrid va Zaragoza and the La Reina Sofia El Prado art museum.

“My favorite part of our trip was the tapas dinner in Madrid,” noted Gabe Campion ‘19. “We went underground into a restaurant that was caved themed and they served us very good appetizers including quiche, sausage, french fries with a special dressing, and ham. A local college band came while we were there and played us music while we danced it late. It got very loud that night!”

Students said they were surprised to learn some cultural differences during their trip.

“I was surprised to learn how much time students have to eat their lunch,” Evans said. “In both France and Spain, students have two hours to leave school and eat their lunch and spend time in the city before returning to classes. That is such an unknown concept to me.”

Osnaya added, “The food was extremely different. Nutella was commonly used in everything. I had a crepe every other day and ate ice cream everyday in Spain.”

When thinking about the trip overall, Campion said, “I highly recommend traveling abroad. The trip was probably the best week and half of my life. The food was great, the people and sights were better, and it was just overall a great time.”

Posted April 4, 2017