Students Volunteer in Solsberry, Indiana

Students spent part of their summer helping others in Solsberry, Indiana as part of a CJ sponsored mission trip.

The group volunteered not only at the location where they were staying, but also at various organizations around Solsberry.

“At Jill’s House, we played with both the eldery and with preschool students who were in the same building as the nursing home,” shared Jacob Bridgett ‘22, Stella Haws ‘22, and Evelyn Parisi ‘22. “This experience taught us about the difference and the sacredness of the wide range of ages.”

Other students volunteered at Wheeler’s Mission where they painted and scraped paint off door frames while another group took nails out of wood, sledgehammered concrete, and babysat at the mission trip site.

Students volunteered their time along with other students from fellow Marianist high school, Moeller. The Eagles shared that during the mission trip they not only got to know each other better, but the students from Moeller too.

Posted July 2, 2019