Teaching Students Servant Leadership

Five Eagles classmates attended a service leadership workshop hosted at the University of Cincinnati this September. The group joined more than 650 high school students and teachers from 72 area schools. CJ students were accompanied by teacher Sr. Nicole Trahan and Kelli Kinnear, director of ministry and service (pictured above).

Hear more about the day-long event from junior Emily Thie '16 as she reflects on participating for the first time this year:

On September 24, I attended the Mayerson Foundation Student Service Leadership Workshop. I was very honored when I first found out and had absolutely no idea what it was. A teacher nominated me to go to this workshop and, as a result, I learned more about working with others and how to make a change in my own community.

The Mayerson Service-Learning Program supports the involvement of high school students, teachers, and schools in volunteer community service. Students from Carroll, Alter, and CJ went together to the University of Cincinnati campus for this workshop. Throughout the day there were three breakout sessions and then a discussion/sharing time to conclude the day.

The breakout session that impacted me most was called, “Know Thyself.” During this session, I took a personality test and learned about myself and how I lead. In addition, I learned about what other personalities there were and how to best work with different types of people. This has given me a better outlook on how to work with others in group collaborations and also how to recruit others to volunteer and help.

Another part of the workshop that influenced me was the discussion time at the end of the day. In a group of about 10, we discussed the different service opportunities we each had at our respective schools. Some had many ways to serve their communities just like students at CJ, but there were others who went to schools that did not offer as many opportunities. These schools had clubs you needed to be a part of to serve, or service wasn’t really emphasized, and this made me think about how lucky CJ is to have the office of ministry and service. All students can come in at any time to become involved in service throughout the Dayton community.

This workshop showed me how important service really is. I have been fortunate enough to be part of a place that understands this to be true. The other students who attended with me can all help to make a difference together. Through service, we can help to improve our community and each other. The workshop leads me to think that someday, we can all lead the CJ community into serving more than our recommended hours, and not worry about how many hours we serve but how many people we serve.