Three Seniors Chosen for Project SEARCH

For the first time at CJ, three seniors were accepted into Project SEARCH for the following school year.

Hannah Finlayson ‘18, Jayla McLemore ‘18 and Joe Siefert '18 had surprise celebrations at CJ to share the good news. 

Project SEARCH was created at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center in 1996. The program serves young adults with developmental disabilities by giving them the opportunity to learn both work and life skills which will help them in the future, including finding competitive employment. Only 12 students are chosen for each site through Project SEARCH each year.

Finlayson will be at Soin Medical Center, McLemore will be at Miami Valley South Hospital and Siefert will be at Grandview Hospital. All three students will work in three different areas in their hospitals. Finlayson expressed interest in working with materials distribution, McLemore expressed interest in maternity and sports medicine and Siefert expressed interest in patient transport.

“CJ can offer the academics; but, when you’re talking about vocational skills, we don’t have that type of programming,” Judi MacLeod ‘88, Director of Cuvilly, said. “It’s great that the community offers that type of programming that we can use. Project SEARCH has been one of the most exciting programs we’ve had.”

Finlayson and McLemore’s parents shared the same excitement of their girls’ futures during one celebration.

“It’s nice to know that there is a continuation to this, and it’s too bad that Judi can’t come with us,” Pam Glover shared.

Heather Finlayson agreed, “It’s nice that it’s a program that fits their needs and identifies their strengths - that will really help them be successful long term.”

The students will get to experience other aspects of their hospitals, such as riding on Careflight and seeing other medical campuses. After their graduation from Project SEARCH, all three students will receive help with job placement. Project SEARCH has a 98.9% job placement rate for its graduates.

Learn more about Project SEARCH here.

Updated April 20, 2018; Originally Posted March 28, 2018