Track and Field Makes 10th Straight Appearance at State

Update: Congratulations, Eagles for finishing in the following at the state championship:

  • Jazmyn Potts: 2nd in the 100 high hurdles
  • Calvin Hatcher: 7th in the 100 dash
  • Women's 4x200: 7th overall
  • Men's 4x200: 5th overall 
  • Men's 4x100: 7th overall 

First Report: For a decade now, Eagles have qualified for the state track and field competition. This year, 18 students will race their hardest at the competition on Friday, June 1 and Saturday, June 2.

“It’s a young team, but they got a lot of grit to them - a lot of fight,” said head coach Jerry Puckett. “We didn't have good lane assignments going to the divisional finals but we came out. Nothing they do surprises me.”

The athletes representing CJ at the state championship and their competitions are:

  • Women’s 4x100 (Jazmyn Potts, Jayda Grant, Dallas Jones, Meyah Haywood)
  • Men’s 4x100 (Matt Willis, Isiah Dickerson, Deondre Jamison, Calvin Hatcher)
  • Women’s 4x200 (Jazmyn Potts, Jayda Grant, Dallas Jones, Meyah Haywood)
  • Men’s 4x100 (Donnie Stevenson, Calvin Hatcher, Jance Peters, Preston Grant)
  • Men’s 100 meter dash (Calvin Hatcher)
  • Men’s 200 dash (Preston Grant)
  • Women’s 100 high hurdles (Jazmyn Potts)
  • Long Jump (Julia DiLoreto)
  • Seated 100 meter dash (Jesse Kahmann)
  • Seated shot put (Jesse Kahmann)

Many of the participants are returning to the state tournament, including Dallas Jones ‘18 and Donnie Stevenson ‘18.

“We worked hard this year,” Jones noted. “The competition was harder too, so we had to work harder. I like that because is pushes me.”

Stevenson added, “This is a lot different than indoor track because of the competition being a lot harder.”

Puckett confidentiality agreed, “They work hard. We push them hard.”

Good luck at state, Eagles!

Posted May 30, 2018