Track and Field Team Returns to State Competition

Update: Congratulations to the women’s 4x100 relay team for winning the state title! Other race results included:

  • women's 4x200 - 2nd place
  • 300 hurdles - 2nd place (Jazmyn Potts)
  • men's 4x100 - 3rd place
  • 200 dash - 2nd place (Calvin Hatcher)
  • 100 dash - 5th place (Calvin Hatcher)
  • seated shot put - 5th placed (Jesse Kahmann).

Great job, Eagles!

First Report: Students on the Eagles track and field team know when they can have fun.

“That’s Giggles 1 and Giggles 2, and over there is Giggles 3,” said head coach Jerry Puckett pointing at a few of his runners.

But on the track, the team’s only focus is outrunning the competition.

“That’s what makes this year’s team different,” Puckett said. “They have fun, but are all business on the track.”

12 students will be representing CJ at the state track and field competition starting Friday, May 31.

The women’s team is coming off a first place finish at the district competition and second place finish at the regional competition. The team will be running the following races:

  • 100 meter high hurdles and 300 low hurdles (Jazmyn Potts ‘20)
  • 100 meter dash (Jadyn Haywood ‘22 and Imani Wortham ‘20)
  • 4x100 and 4x200 relays (Potts, J. Haywood, Julia DiLoreto ‘20 and Meyah Haywood ‘20)

The men’s team placed sixth at the regional competition. The team will be running the following races:

  • 100 and 200 meter dashes (Calvin Hatcher ‘20)
  • 4x100 relay (Jason Ward ‘21, Jance Peters ‘19, Kenyon Owens ‘22 and Hatcher)
  • Seated shot put (Jesse Kahmann '20)

“I’m super proud of our team,” shared Potts. Especially the relays - there is a bond and relays are all about trust.”

Peters agreed, “Trust is the most important thing because of the exchange. That’s the most important part of the race and can make or break it.”

“When it comes to these teams, you have to have talent,” Puckett noted. “But you also have to have the work ethic to go with it, and they have it.”

Good luck, Eagles!

(not pictured - Kelsey Dickey '20)

First Posted May 30, 2019; Updated June 3, 2019