Two Groups Represent CJ at Financial Investing Competition

For a third year in a row, Chaminade Julienne was represented at the University of Dayton’s Davis Center portfolio high school competition. The competition challenged students from four area high schools to invest in stocks and come away with the biggest profit. Students in CJ’s financial investing class split into small groups, and two of those groups did well enough to advance to the final round at UD.

The two finalist teams were “Stratton Oakmont” consisting of Micah Marshall ‘18, Riley Mason ‘18, and Will Slaybaugh ‘18 and “Sales R Us” consisting of Cheyenne Coyle ‘18, Madeline Denman ‘18, and Ben Thomas ‘18.

“What first got me interested into this class was my dad, he had majored in this and accounting,” reflected Thomas. "I knew a lot about the stock market because of my dad watching the NASDAQ on TV and trying to explain what to invest in and what not to.”

“I was interested in financial investing so that I could know how to invest in and prepare for my future,” shared Marshall. “I knew about it as a whole, but I didn't trust my own knowledge to yet invest in the stock market before.”

Members from both teams shared which stocks helped make them successful.

“Some of our stock choices where the basics in our everyday lives like Dunkin Donuts and Ulta Beauty, but we also chose some stocks that we had no idea about,” Thomas said. “Our biggest winner was USA Trucking and our biggest loser was Frontier Communications.”

“Some of our biggest successes were PayPal and Health Insurance Innovations and our biggest loss was Akcea Therapeutics,” Marshall added.

At UD, a combination of the top 10 groups’ portfolio performance and presentation scores determined the overall winner. “Sales R Us” placed sixth overall and “Stratton Oakmont” placed seventh overall.

“My favorite part of this project was working on a challenging project with my friends and learning how to invest safely,” Marshall reflected. “I think I will use this in the future in the stock market, but I will not go into financing.”

Thomas added, “I have not really thought about taking this further, but this is my favorite class and I am very interested in trying to actually invest in stocks with real money in the future.”

Posted December 14, 2017