Vega, Phoenix, and Alumni to Perform in A Capella Concert

No instruments will be needed when members of Phoenix and Vega perform at the CJ "A Cappella Concert" on Sunday, January 31 at 2 p.m. in the CJ auditorium.

"The great thing about A Cappella groups is that each one is very different in how they perform and the songs they select," said Vega director, Bryan Sharpe. "Each group represented on Sunday will be performing in a style that is unique to them. The audience can expect to hear and see very different takes on a really wide variety of music."

"I remember being little and coming to open houses and seeing Vega perform, and I've known that I've wanted to be in this group for a long time," noted first-year Vega member, Alexis Jackson '17.

Phoenix's Director, Madeline Brown '13, shared that the group will be performing some of their favorite songs as well as some new ones.

"Phoenix will be performing all the songs we have been working on thus far," explained Brown. "We're really excited to bring new energy to the songs."

The concert will also feature several CJ alumni who are now involved in their own A Cappella groups in college.

"I am most excited to see Vega alumni perform college level A Cappella," said Jackson. "I'm sure they're going great things and there is a lot I can learn from them."

"I am really looking forward to this show's collaborative nature," added Sharpe. "There are two college groups that contain CJ alumni who will be performing which is going to create great energy and excitement for the performers and audience members. There is a lot that each group can learn from and it's always exciting to see what kind of creativity each group will bring."

Director of Performing Arts, Debi Schutt, noted, "I think it will be neat to bring alumni who were in CJ's first A Cappella groups back because they were passionate about the programs at CJ. In a lot of cases, these students were at the forefront of starting their own A Cappella groups at their college."

"I am excited to get the students exposed to college groups and what they can expect if they want to continue A Cappella in the future," Brown affirmed.

After the concert, Vega's third studio album, "Enamored" will be available for purchase. Those who are interested in purchasing the CD but are unable to attend the concert can email Sharpe, Brown, Schutt or Drama and Choir Teacher Caitlin Bennett.

"In addition to celebrating the awesome work of past years' groups in making this CD, this concert is also serving as a great performance experience as we are preparing our competition sets for International Championship of High School A Cappella quarterfinals at Centerville High School next month," Sharpe shared. You can learn more about that competition here.