Virtual Q&A Session Brings Together Parents and Staff Before School

It’s difficult to gauge how many “firsts” the CJ community has worked through together since March 2020. Teachers were asked to perform their jobs completely virtually for the first time. Students were asked to learn entirely at home and manage their own schedule. Parents were asked to shift their living spaces into classrooms and help their children finish out the school year as best they could.

Some of these firsts have been good, some have been a bit more difficult to handle, but through them all, the CJ community is continuing to learn and adjust to new circumstances and new challenges to help forge the best environment possible.

Thursday’s virtual question and answer (Q&A) session was the latest first for the community. In light of a school year like no other, CJ leadership felt it was crucial to not only communicate with parents as often as possible with the most up-to-date information, but to also get in front of them and answer their questions live, as face-to-face as a virtual event can get.

“I’m incredibly happy we were able to adapt to these new circumstances and find a way to get our parents together and answer some of their questions,” said Greg Mueller, principal of Chaminade Julienne.

Over 220 parents registered for the virtual event held via Zoom. Parents were encouraged to send their questions about reopening campus beforehand to CJ’s communications staff members. From there, principal Mueller and the communications team reviewed all submitted questions to help get a gauge on how parents in the CJ community were feeling about reopening as well as what questions seemed to be the most common.

“We received so many questions and so much feedback before the Q&A session,” said Mueller. “It was amazing to see. We value the thoughts and opinions of our parents so much, they’re constantly helping us improve our reopening plan and our safety processes, among other things.”

Event attendees were able to interact live with principal Mueller and moderators by utilizing a Q&A feature, allowing parents to ask questions as they came up rather than forcing them to worry about getting all questions submitted before the event. New questions and follow-up questions from this feature were gathered, some of which were answered during the broadcast.

While CJ does have an FAQ page published on its website for popular inquiries regarding The Light Ahead reopening plan, the power of getting over 220 community members together in a room, even if virtual, was immeasurable.

“It was just so wonderful to speak directly to parents again in real time,” said Mueller. “They are our Partners in Mission. We rely on them so much, and we ask so much of them. It’s our duty to ensure we’re providing them with all the answers they need to make them and their children feel safe, and feel proud, to come back to CJ next week.”