Volleyball Coaches Keep It In the Family

The Chaminade Julienne women’s volleyball team isn’t unique in employing CJ faculty or alumni on their coaching staff. However, they are unique in one respect — women’s volleyball is the only team at the school where all its coaching staff works at CJ or went to CJ for high school.

Head coach Gretchen Wolfe joined the CJ faculty this year in the Cuvilly Department. This is her second year as the head coach and is enjoying her first year on the CJ faculty.

“I absolutely love being a part of the CJ community as a teacher and as a coach,” said Wolfe. “It is great being in the building during the day and seeing and teaching my players. I think it is important to build that relationship with your players outside of the gym and being in the building has helped me do that.”

Former men’s volleyball player and graduate of the Class of 2007, Alex Edgel, assists with the varsity team while his sister, Jordie Orr, is the freshman coach. Orr is a math teacher at CJ and 2005 graduate.

“I think having CJ graduate on our coaching staff is a very positive thing,” said Orr. “They devoted four years of their life to this program, this school and this sport, so they have even more of a desire to work extra hard and make the program successful."

Heidi Hess and Grace Kauth, both who graduated in 2013, joined the staff this year as the junior varsity coaches. 

Orr said she embraces the connections the coaching staff have to CJ.

“I think it is great to have people on staff who know the history and tradition of the program, and the great heights it has been at in the past," she added. "This allows those coaches to motivate the players and constantly work towards better and higher program standards and expectations."

Posted September 15, 2017  |  First published in the CJ student newspaper, Ludlow Street Journal, by Yusef Muqtadir