What Are You Doing Today?

For some, high school gym class will forever evoke memories of trying out the sport of the week in a hot gym only to arrive in your next class period tired and slightly melted. For summer gym students at CJ, those memories will be slightly different.

Bowling, swimming, roller skating, golf, hiking, track day and rock climbing are some of the activities students look forward to when they decide on attending one of two summer gym sessions at CJ. According to summer gym coordinator and teacher, John Zaidain, the high ropes, low ropes and rock climbing activites were an added feature this year, "I'm always open to new ideas and stumble into some of them."

Freshman Trinity Pitts knew ahead of time that the wall climbing activity was going to be an element of summer gym, but was surprised that the aparatus was brought to CJ's campus. "This is fun," she said. "I'm glad that I signed up for summer gym because I'm getting the chance to meet other kids coming into CJ as freshman. I'm getting to know who they are ahead of time."

She also said that she likes the fact that she will not have to worry about squeezing in gym during school time. "It won't have to take gym during the school year, and go to my next class all sweaty." A concept most can appreciate.