Working Intentionality Into the English Learner Curriculum

Dedicating time for professional development and continuous improvement through education is something that Chaminade Julienne prioritizes each year.

With a growing English Learner (EL) population at CJ, especially within the Hispanic community, CJ partnered with the Archdiocese of Cincinnati and the University of Notre Dame’s English as a New Language (ENL) program for a full day of professional development centered on the topic of “putting English learners on a path to success.”

“Quality teaching strategies for serving EL students are also some of the best teaching strategies for all learners,” said Greg Mueller, principal at CJ.

Faculty and staff enjoyed several presentations, breakout sessions, and virtual activities, all via Zoom, from the comfort of their own home offices, with plenty of time in between sessions to allow for personal reflection and crucial stretch breaks.

The ENL program is designed to help schools and teachers develop a better understanding of the process of language acquisition through proven instructional methods to help develop the best learning environment possible for EL students.

The various presenters throughout the day provided strategies for helping EL students become successful in school and noted that this success requires all subject area teachers, not just the language arts teachers, to build creative teaching methods that are intentional.

Intentionality was an essential element of the exercises, with presenters detailing what makes being intentional about vocabulary education so critical to EL student success. Faculty and staff were provided with tangible resources to teach proper vocabulary acquisition and writing across the entire curriculum.

“I’m excited to see how our teachers at CJ will start using these new ideas and technology resources to improve instruction,” said Mueller. “We always talk about providing a quality, integral education to a diverse student population, and we are using great professional development resources to keep improving the CJ education for all students.”


-- Published on Oct. 16, 2020