Creative Ways to Volunteer

Volunteering while sheltering in place


Hey CJ Eagles - As we continue to shelter in place and move through our online schooling, it is important to remember there are still needs in and around our community.  These are difficult times for all of us, so maybe what is needed now is for some of us (who are able) to use our time, gifts, and love for another.  Below are some ideas of what you can do.  And if you do volunteer, remember to:

  • Add your hours to Helper Helper (Yes, we are continuing to document hours & offer service awards!).
  • Take a picture of the service you are doing and email it to Mrs. Kinnear or Ms. Khawam.  We will post on social media, and maybe it will even end up in the yearbook!

Possible service opportunities

  • Connect with the elderly and others living alone or in nursing homes.  Examples could be phone calls, virtual visits (google hangouts, facetime, zoom, etc.), emails, or creating a video and sending it.
  • Write letters of support to doctors, nurses, EMT’s, and others working in the medical field
  • Write letters of support to our military men & women serving overseas.
  • Online tutoring for local children
  • Bake cookies or cook a meal and drop them off on the front step of a neighbors house
  • Go grocery shopping or walk the dog for an elderly neighbor
  • Be My Eyes - Virtual assistance to vision impaired
  • Yardwork for elderly neighbors or first responders
  • Organize a concert, prayer service, or faith sharing activity live streamed online for others to join
  • Go through a closet, or clean the basement or garage and box things up to be donated to St. Vincent de Paul
  • Build or create something for others or the environment (ex. Build a birdhouse or bird feeder, paint a picture to give to someone else, plant flowers or plants that are beneficial to the environment, like milkweed for monarchs or  flowering plants for bees, etc.)
  • Create a tutorial to assist others in learning to play an instrument, learn a song, teach a dance etc.
  • Pick up litter/trash in your neighborhood or park   
  • Donate blood at the Community Blood Center (must be 17 yrs old; 16 with parental permission) 937-461-3220   
  • Decorate the sidewalks in your neighborhood to spread joy
  • Make goodie bags for children in your neighborhood and leave on their front porches (fill them with bubbles, chalk, coloring pages, etc.)
  • Paint rocks with positive messages and leave them for people to find
  • Write a positive letter (email) to a teacher or staff member who has made a positive impact on you.  Let them know how much they mean to you.  They all miss all of you!
  • Contact any of the non-profit organizations you have worked with in the past and see if there are ways you can help from home.