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Department Highlights

  • The science department works in conjunction with CJ STEMM and the curriculum supported by Project Lead the Way.
  • NSO: Science Olympiad is a competitive team consisting of young men and women from every grade level. At competitions, this academic team competes in 22 different science-related events across all STEMM fields. These events include topics such as anatomy and physiology, bridge building, protein modeling, forensics, disease detectives, physics, and more. Competitions occur throughout the school year and students are encouraged to try out at the beginning of each academic year.
  • PLTW: CJ is one of the few Catholic high schools in the state of Ohio to offer the Project Lead the Way curriculum, offering students the opportunity to explore engineering and biomedical sciences career fields before spending college dollars.  Additionally, CJ was one of the first schools in the nation to be dually certified in both engineering and biomedical science programs.
  • Dissections: The science program offers multiple hands-on projects and immersion experiences such as dissections (frog, rat, fetal pig, sheep hearts, sheep brains, cow eyes, and adult cats), field trips, and guest speakers.