Social Studies

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Department Highlights 

  • The social studies program offers five Advanced Placement and honors courses; AP courses can result in college credits.
  • Students can travel as part of the program. Trips include:
    • Senior trip to Washington D.C.
    • Colonial Williamsburg
    • Immersion trips to Germany and Italy
    • History immersion experiences
  • Many cultural opportunities are opened up through courses offered in the social studies department.
  • Through programs and courses offered by this department, students can:
    • attend Junior Council on World Affairs (JCOWA) youth forums, exchange programs and immersion trips.
    • participate in the Holocaust Remembrance program.
    • volunteer at “Youth at the Booth” sites working voting polls and volunteering with public servants through government class.
    • work in teams in economics classes to plan, publicize and raise money for charities through the CJ Apprentice Project.
    • participate in the US Air Force Museum Holocaust program.
    • improve their public speaking and research skills by being a member of the Mock Trial Club.