Special Education

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Department Highlights

  • CJ is the only Catholic high school in the area to offer an in-depth special education program.
  • CJ is a provider for the Peterson & Austin Scholarship.
  • Cuvilly is an individual program that addresses the needs of students with special needs.
  • Cuvilly students take general, college preparatory and AP classes.
  • Cuvilly students are involved in sports, service and ministry, and academic clubs.
  • Life Skills courses are offered through this department.

What Does Cuvilly Offer?

All Cuvilly students take general, college preparatory, and/or honors and AP classes. Students have modifications, adaptations and instructional support. All students are evaluated on the level of services needed by the Cuvilly team which is made up of the Director of Cuvilly, an intervention specialist, guidance counselors, teachers and parents.

Cuvilly encourages students to get involved in social activities. The program offers a unique club called Cuvilly Community Club (CCC) . This club is designed to have students plan activities in a safe environment. We have game night, movie night, an ice cream social, service projects, and bowling. Students may bring friends to these events and parents are always welcome. We also have a parent group for support of current parents and parents exploring post-secondary options for their children.

Most Cuvilly students are concerned about college and job forces. We conduct career interest surveys and work with students so when they are ready to continue their education beyond CJ, they are prepared. We explore questions such as: How do you seek help from others while at college? How do you deal with a boss? What do you need in order to live independently?

A variety of classes are offered and students take general, college preparatory and/or honors classes in most subject areas. If a student has difficulty with a foreign language, they can take American Sign Language to fulfill the language requirement. Several different levels of math are offered, as well as print media for seniors, and study skills/life skills courses.

Cuvilly offers two levels of grading: traditional grades for students who need minor adjustments; and a pass\fail option for students who require major adjustments.