Erin Ketch

CJ Service: English Teacher
Other Service: Student Council sophomore class moderator, Member of Benefits Committee
461-3740 x450  |  email

Education: University of Dayton, BS Education (Adolescent & Young Adult), BA English; University of Dayton, MS Educational Leadership 

CJ Philosophy: CJ’s Marianist family spirit provides students with the skills needed to become successful and independent in today’s diverse world. Our students grow academically and spiritually and, as a teacher, I work to help them and guide them in this growth on a daily basis. 

I truly love working with students and feel that our diverse student body is a gift to our community. I love working with reading and writing and feel that a strong knowledge base in these areas is essential to students becoming successful in any post-secondary plans they have. My passion for teaching and for our community drives the work I do every day and I have great respect for the students who have chosen to make their home at CJ. I do everything I can to make sure their four years at CJ are filled with academics, friendships, and opportunities that broaden their horizons. I work to build relationships with families so that they understand how valued they are and how much I appreciate their choice to attend CJ.