City Connects

City Connects at Chaminade Julienne

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About City Connects

The mission of City Connects is to have students engage and learn in school by connecting each child with a tailored set of enrichment, prevention, and intervention services the student needs to thrive. School personnel and community-based agencies work together to provide a wide range of programs and services that can benefit high school students.


“Boston Connects” was launched in 2001 by Boston College as a way to identify strengths and needs of students on multiple levels in order to provide the best learning experience possible for students in elementary schools.

Chaminade Julienne was chosen to pilot the program—City Connects—at the high school level.

City Connects works to build relationships with community-based agencies that provide youth and family services in the Dayton area.

City Connects serves all students by providing assessment across six target areas (academics, social/emotional/behavioral, career, health, family, and spirituality) in an effort to provide individualized support to enhance student success while in high school.

The program seeks to:

  • significantly increase overall student achievement,
  • reduce barriers to learning by developing student and family support services and school-wide prevention programs, and
  • expand academic and cultural enrichment opportunities through positive youth development programs.


Some examples of the types of supports and services that the Student Support Coordinator can help connect your child to include the following:

  • Out of school time programming
  • Academic Support
  • Enrichment opportunities
  • Summer programming
  • Counseling
  • Mentoring programs
  • Focus groups
  • Health care services
  • Parent support

Community Resources

Print Community Resources Information Sheet or see your guidance counselor for more information.

Watch and hear from CJ educators about the impact of City Connects at the school.