Inclement Weather

All decisions regarding the day-to-day operation of Chaminade Julienne Catholic High School as it is affected by the weather are made by Principal Greg Mueller. To ensure the safety of students, CJ has in place four separate strategies regarding inclement weather: a two-hour delay, a school closing, an early dismissal, and the cancellation of evening activities (i.e. practices, school events, etc.).

To determine the appropriate strategy, the principal relies on general weather reports, the predicted future conditions, and takes into account the actions taken by surrounding Dayton-area school districts. Due to the school’s vastly spread family population, surrounding school districts must be used as a barometer to gauge the types of conditions impacting CJ students living in those communities.

Once a decision has been made, the school uses news sources, its Web site and social media accounts, the One Call Now telephone messaging system, and—on occasion—email alerts to inform parents and the community of the plan of action. Decisions regarding evening activities are also made by the principal, and cancellations will generally be announced around noon of that same day. 

Excused Absences

For your family's safety, you may choose to keep your son or daughter home on days when CJ is open and the public school district in the community where you live is closed or delayed. Students will be considered excused from tardies and absences in these instances; however, all parents must still call the Office of Student Services 461-3740 x465 to report that your child is not coming to school.

Two-Hour Delays

Chaminade Julienne employs three schedules to handle two-hour delays: a standard two-hour delay schedule for Mondays, Tuesdays, and Fridays; a Plan B schedule for a delay on a block Wednesday; and a Plan C schedule for a delay on a block Thursday. In every instance, if a student arrives at school before 10:05 a.m., he or she should report to the cafeteria for the proper supervision.

    Two Hour Delay   

  PLAN B (Block Wed.)  

PLAN C (Block Thurs.)

Pd 1
Pd 1 10:05-11:30 Pd 2 10:05-11:05
Pd 2 10:37-11:05 Pd 4/5 A 11:34-1201 Pd 6 A 11:09-11:32
Pd 3 11:09-11:37 Pd 4/5 B 12:04-12:31 Pd 6 B 11:35-11:58
Pd 4A 11:41-12:04 Pd 4/5 C 12:34-1:01 Pd 6 C 12:01-12:24
Pd 4B 12:07-12:30 Pd 4/5 D 1:04-1:31 Pd 6 D 12:27-12:50
Pd 5A 12:3 -12:47 Pd 7 1:35-2:59 Pd 3 12:54-1:54
Pd 5B 1:00 - 1:23     Pd 8 1:58-2:59
Pd 6 1:27 - 1:55        
Pd 7 1:59 - 2:27        
Pd 8
2:31 - 2:59


Receive Alerts

  • If you would like to begin receiving One Call Now phone alerts, update your contact information, or add a number to our database, please email Emily Saunders, administrative assistant to the assistant principal of academics and registrar. Please note you may add multiple phone numbers to our listing.
  • If you would like to be added to our parent/guardian email list to receive updates and weekly newsletters, please email Kary Ellen Berger, communications coordinator.
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