Jim Brooks

CJ Service: Head men's and women's tennis coach
Previous CJ Service: English teacher
461-3740  |  email

Education: Ohio University, BS Education; University of Dayton, MA English

Professional Affiliations and Organizational Outreaches: Member, National Council of Teachers of English; Member: Ohio Tennis Coaches’ Association

CJ Philosophy: CJ offers the broadest, most far-reaching Catholic Christian education in the Dayton area. From the moment students walk in the door, they are expected to perform to the best of their ability in all areas of their lives. Backed by the charisms of the Sisters of Notre Dame and the Society of Mary, our school offers all of the best opportunities for academic, spiritual, social, and athletic growth in a wide variety of subjects and activities.  When we say diversity here, we mean all the goodness of a community of believers that comes together with its various talents, dreams, and ambitions.  

I bring my faith in God and in the members of this community.  I bring my expertise and experience in my subject area of English and tennis.  I bring my undying enthusiasm for the goals of our community, for inviting young people and their parents to join our community, and for the vision that our Lord gives us to love others and serve one another as He did.