John Zaidain '68

CJ Service: Assistant Coach of Football and Men's Volleyball
Previous CJ Service: PE and Social Studies Teacher
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Education: University of Dayton, BA Education; Miami University, MS Education

CJ Philosophy: Chaminade Julienne is more than a school, it is a community where people respect and care for one another. It is a learning environment that stresses excellence and strives to guide each individual toward their personal goals. At CJ, students are encouraged to develop as a whole person, spiritually, academically, physically , emotionally, and socially. It is a school that respects diversity and views it as an asset which enhances the educational experience and deepens personal development. CJ is a family where all students staff, parents, and alumni are included and valued.

Like my colleagues, I am a dedicated, experienced and talented teacher and coach. Being an experienced veteran, I have a perspective that values our past while remaining enthusiastic about our future. I feel that I have helped provide a stability that has helped CJ to embrace change with a sense of confidence. Most of all, I care deeply about the people for CJ is not an institution but a community to which I have contributed much but from which I have received even more.