Maura Lemon

CJ Service: Science Teacher
Other Service: Spirit Committee Co-Moderator
937-461-3740 x460  |  email

Education: University of Dayton, BS Integrated Science Education

Professional Affiliations and Organizational Outreaches: National Science Teachers Association Member

CJ Philosophy: CJ provides students with the opportunity to develop their relationships between God and each other through participation in retreats, service sites, and mission trips.  These opportunities allow students to focus on faith formation and community-building outside of the classroom.  Inside the classroom, students are challenged academically and taught not just to memorize information, but more importantly, how to think and problem-solve.  In this way, CJ is preparing students who will play important roles in their future communities.

I have an incredibly strong devotion to Mary that I love to share with my classes.  I begin each class with the Memorare and have led rosary prayer groups before school.  Also, when I was in high school, I had the opportunity to participate in and lead many retreats, so I really value to chance to chaperone these as an adult.  It allows me to see another side of my students and allows students to interact with me in a different way than they would have in the classroom.