Michelle Mize

CJ Service: French Teacher
Other Service: Spirit Moderator; Super Fan Moderator
937-461-3740 x473  |  email

Education: The Ohio State University, BA Education (French;) The Ohio State University, MSE Foreign Language Education

Professional Affiliations and Organizational Outreaches: WSU; Adjunct Professor

CJ Philosophy: Chaminade Julienne weaves morality and social justice into the curriculum we teach. In some classes the inclusiveness is more fluid, as seen in our religion and English classes. Our Capstone project does an excellent job of combining social justice issues with other academic content areas. Here at Chaminade Julienne we provide students with the opportunity to grow in faith through service, retreats and many other experiences in and out of the classroom. Chaminade Julienne encourages the participation in service work that lifts the CJ community, greater Dayton community and beyond. Many of our students deepen their relationship with God through this service, our Mass offerings, and adoration.

I believe that language should be taught in schools, as it is an important resource for the United States as well as for individual students. Language learning lends itself to developing empathy over ethnocentrism and expands one's concept of diversity. Language instruction should begin early and primarily use the target language. Students should and will be given every opportunity to create and practice with the language in a safe and welcoming environment to attain and enhance all of the benefits of language learning.