Newsroom: April 26, 2017

We are implementing the CJ Drug Awareness and Universal Testing program - with voluntary testing during the 2017-2018 school year and mandatory testing the following year - not because we perceive we have a widespread issue with substance abuse at CJ, but because we have come to understand more fully that CJ students, just like adolescents everywhere, are faced with difficult decisions about whether or not to use and abuse drugs and alcohol.  We feel called to develop and implement strategies that support them in becoming the young adults that God and their families want them to be.

Ultimately, we believe that this initiative will:

  • Educate students for a lifelong understanding of the dangers of substance use,
  • Empower students with tools that can assist them in moments of temptation,
  • Provide students with four years of experience of establishing and reinforcing patterns of making health-minded decisions while in high school and at a time when research shows that crucial brain development is still taking place through young adulthood,
  • Cultivate students to become peer leaders, who, by example, are supportive to others in making health-minded decisions,
  • Provide intervention strategies that address illegal substance use and abuse before what could become a disciplinary issue at school,
  • Identify students who are struggling with abuse in their lives, and direct them to supportive resources in regaining healthy control of their lives, and
  • Provide the expectation that CJ students will be drug-free, preparing them for the zero tolerance expectations they will find in workplaces, college athletics, and the military.

More information can be found in the parent section of that will be updated as we progress in this initiative, and information about signing up for the voluntary year will be included in the parent packet sent in early August.

As a leader for excellence in Catholic education, Chaminade Julienne will continue to find ways to improve the Catholic experience for our students and families. We believe that this initiative is another way for students to understand the value and dignity of their lives as children of God, and to help them remove impediments that would prevent them from living out God’s calling for their lives.