Newsroom: August 28, 2018

We continue to be horrified by the news coming out of the grand jury report in Pennsylvania and other reports of misconduct of members of the clergy of the Catholic Church. We grieve for those who suffered any harm at the hands of priests and vowed religious who were entrusted to be their shepherds of faith. In our distress and anger, we join the call for accountability for them and for those bishops, priests, and religious leaders who protected or shielded them.

Today we learned from the Marianist Province of the United States that three of those named in the Pennsylvania grand jury report were Marianists who worked at Chaminade High School for a year each; two in the mid-40's and the third in the early 50's. The Province reports no allegations of inappropriate conduct by these men during their time of assignment to Chaminade High School. Additionally, CJ administration has received no reports of impropriety from our students concerning vowed religious who worked at the school.

We also wanted you to be aware of the possibility that this national and international tragedy may be tangentially connected by the media to Chaminade Julienne.

For many years, Chaminade Julienne has joined the efforts of the Archdiocese of Cincinnati to create a safe environment for our students through rigorous employee background checks and continued child protection training required of all employees and volunteers. As you know, student safety remains a top priority for our school community. If you have any questions, please contact me.

We continue to offer and ask for prayers for healing of all victims, their families, and for the healing of our church. God bless,

- Dan Meixner '84, President