Newsroom: March 22, 2018

Statement from Chaminade Julienne Catholic High School:
Posted on the CJ website on March 22, 2018

Local media chose to run a story about a situation that stemmed from a civil rights project involving an inappropriate homemade prop taken from a student by a teacher before class. The school had addressed the situation and it was ours to resolve. Those involved were disciplined, and our principal spoke with all students about the incident — reinforcing our value for the sacredness and dignity of every person, seizing the opportunity to teach. Parents were informed which opened opportunity for discussion at home.

While we can control how we handle a situation, educate our students, and keep parents informed, we cannot control how media chooses to run their story and their unexplainable desire to circulate a sensitive photo which we worked to contain and believed had been kept to limited exposure prior to the station’s broadcast. While we worked towards resolution and unity, their story was written and promoted to inflame controversy. And while we contacted the station about our position in working with them on sensitive — and now all — topics, the story indicated that CJ declined to respond. Those who know CJ well understand that this isolated act of ignorance does not reflect our Catholic values, is not tolerated, and should not be used to characterize our school community as something different.

We continue to be a school blessed by our enriched community comprised of students coming from many different backgrounds, who learn and grow from each other through a Catholic educational experience grounded in the Marianist and Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur tradition. This is who we are, and we accept nothing less.

Actions Taken by Chaminade Julienne Catholic High School:

  • Principal John Marshall spoke with students during homeroom on Friday, March 16
  • Parents were sent a communication on Friday, March 16
  • Additional communications were sent to parents and students on March 22.

Posted March 27, 2018