Susan Eichenauer

CJ Service: Student Support Coordinator
461-3740 x207  |  email

Education: University of Dayton, BA Psychology; University of Cincinnati, MA Counseling (Community)

Professional Affiliations and Organizational Outreaches: ASCA

CJ Philosophy: I feel blessed to be called to be part of our student’s academic and faith journeys as I have witnessed so many transformations!  Chaperoning retreats and mission trips, I have witnessed student’s growing closer to God, closer with their peers and faculty.  It is when reviewing senior resumes that I also see the impact CJ has on a student.  Service hours, mission trips, extracurricular activities and capstone projects all tell the story of a student’s willingness to accept, with CJ’s direction, the call to act on behalf of justice and peace. 

While reading The Greatest Gift I ran across a passage by Sr. Dorothy Stang that inspires my work with CJ students.  I hope CJ students "are able to live, love, be loved, and work with the poor, find real confidence in themselves, to profoundly sense God's presence in their lives and then be a creative influence in society from which a more humane society can be born."   My work in the guidance office and on international mission trips is intended to guide students so that they can experience such gifts.